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Diagnostic Devices

Signal versus noise

Signal versus noise is not only the core basis of the development of diagnostic devices but the core basis of all scientific questions. This may be the core question of our individual existence as a brief scream against the silence of the universe, but that… Read More »Signal versus noise

aptamers for therapeutics

Why Consider Aptamers for therapeutic Applications ?

Why consider aptamers for therapeutic applications? There has only been one aptamer based therapeutic ever approved, Macugen ( and the commercial sales for this treatment were not blockbuster… The biggest issue facing any therapeutic development effort is definitely the risk of failure, especially the risk… Read More »Why Consider Aptamers for therapeutic Applications ?

Aptamers for Covid-19

Neo Ventures Announcement

NeoVentures has successfully developed aptamers for both the spike protein and the nucleoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Spike protein aptamers were developed against a recombinant S1 protein from the Wuhan strain expressed in HEK293 cells in order to maintain appropriate glycosylation, counter selection was performed against… Read More »Neo Ventures Announcement

Optimized Aptamers II

In a previous blog I stressed the need to further improve aptamer performance after SELEX identification in order to develop aptamers that are effective enough to be commercialized. I promised that I would describe how we do this at NeoVentures in more detail in a… Read More »Optimized Aptamers II

Optimized Aptamers

For aptamers to be able to compete with antibodies in health care applications they need to perform as well as antibodies. At NeoVentures we have considered how antibodies evolve in response to an antigen and we have applied a similar approach to the optimization of… Read More »Optimized Aptamers