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New Year’s Predictions

Nostradamus famously predicted many world events. I have searched for his insights on aptamers, but have come up empty. Therefore, I have realized that it falls upon us to make predictions for aptamers for 2022.

  1. There will be more than one aptamer approved by the FDA for diagnostic application this year. 

This is the breakthrough year, once the floodgates are breached there will be a deluge of aptamer applications in diagnostics. I expect that the majority of these applications will be based on electrochemistry. 

  1. There will be FDA approvals for aptamer based drug delivery (RNA drugs) this year. 

At NeoVentures we have developed the ability to select aptamers that induce endocytosis, several applications are moving forward. The use of aptamers as vectors for drug delivery will become commonplace after this next year. 

  1. Our French company, NeoNeuro, will launch the first complex diagnostic test for brain amyloid deposition based on blood analysis in Europe. 

We have succeeded in developing a set of Aptamarkers with relevant predictive capacity for brain amyloid. We have work to do to bring this to market, but a year is a long time. We intend to have this through regulatory approval and on the market this year.

Those are my predictions; I welcome everyone to add their own predictions to this list. We will review these predictions this time in 2022, and evaluate who was right and who was wrong though… I do really hope that COVID-19 will have finally sputtered out by the end of next year, but I have less confidence in that than I do in the success of aptamers achieving regulatory approval in the next year.

Happy Holidays to all