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Diagnostic Aptamer Applications

NeoVentures is commited to the success of aptamers in all diagnostic applications. Speak with our team to discover the unique opportunities for your business.

Aptamers can be applied in many different formats just as effectively as antibodies.

We have had success incorporating aptamers in the following formats:

  • Lateral flow
  • Flow through devices
  • Free solution formulations
  • Biosensors


The key to our success is a commitment to developing customized chemistries, blocking surfaces and proprietary techniques to enable aptamers to function reliably at commercially relevant levels of sensitivity.

Two lateral flow test kits displayed side by side on a flat surface.

Aptamer Solutions in Diagnostic Applications

  • We are able to conjugate an average of 150 aptamers per 20 nm gold nanoparticle (GNP). This far exceeds the capacity to load such particles with antibodies. The high loading level enables a higher probability of GNP association with a target molecule.

  • We are able to combine oligonucleotides with different functionalities on a single GNP. This proprietary technology allows us to achieve higher levels of sensitivity than would be achieved otherwise.

  • Our aptamers are pre-qualified to not require denaturation prior to application.

  • We have extensive experience working with fluorescent aptamers and graphene oxide quenching for the detection of target molecules in a free state.

  • We have experience with directly conjugating aptamers to the metal core of quantum dots thus obviating the need for functionalized surfaces.

  • We have built a global alliance of experts in the commercial development of diagnostic solutions that we provide to our clients.

  • We have the capacity to help you prepare your aptamer based product for FDA approval.

  • We have the experience necessary to help you build an OEM supply chain for the development of your diagnostic products.

Why Use Aptamers in Diagnostic Devices?

A better question would be why not to use aptamers. Some of the top advantages are:

  • Low cost of chemical synthesis
  • Ease your supply chain management and let chemical synthesis replace antibody expression in recombinant cells
    • No lot to lot variation
    • Consistent product performance
    • No need for evidence of absence of viruses
  • Provide your clients with an improved experience
    • No need to ship products on ice
    • No need to store chilled
  • Better aptamer performance due to state of the art optimization
  • Improved chemistries for immobilization
  • Improved blocking reagents
  • Novel strategies
Scientist in a laboratory carefully dispensing liquid into test tubes.

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