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custom aptamers in diagnostics

Custom Aptamers “7 steps for aptamers to be applied commercially”

  • Custom design of an aptamer selection strategy that will fit your needs.

This means appropriate counter selection, appropriate matrix selection, and appropriate target identification.

  • Guidance of the selection process to ensure appropriate balance between specificity and affinity.

 At NeoVentures we support this by mathematically modeling the selection process.

  • Integration of next generation sequencing analysis with aptamer selection.

 Provide solid scientific basis for selection of candidate sequences for binding assays

  • Binding assays that relate to commercial application.

 Replicate commercial applications in candidate testing as much as possible.

  • Aptamers that do not require denaturation prior to use.

 If an aptamer requires prior denaturation it is not fit to be commercialized.

  • Aptamer optimization.

– Full length aptamers arising from selection libraries are not ready for commercialization.

– We analyze the energy landscape of aptamer shapes and perform truncation and nucleotide substitutions to develop aptamers with improved performance.

– This step is a necessary part of all of our projects.

  • If necessary engineering aptamer detection strategy

– We do not select aptamers capable of allosteric shifts, we identify aptamers that bind optimally and then we engineer appropriate signalling mechanisms.

NeoVentures is not just an aptamer identification company. We are an aptamer solutions provider. We have 18 years of experience working with aptamers and over this time we have succeeded with the development of aptamers for the following types of targets.

  • Proteins
  • Small molecules <1,000 daltons
  • Receptor proteins on cells
  • Tissue specific aptamers
  • Aptamers that block ligand binding to receptors
  • Aptamers that work in lateral flow, and flow through diagnostic formats
  • Aptamers that work in free solution detection formats
  • Aptamers that work in biosensors


In our next blog post we would be discussing commercial aptamers in diagnostics.

 Stay tuned!

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