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How To Buy Aptamers

How To Buy Aptamers ?

NeoVentures does not have a catalog for aptamers nor sell a pre-set aptamer development package. Your journey with us starts with our understanding of your needs for aptamer performance. 

We use this to develop a customized strategy for every aspect of project development from identifying the most useful aptamers, to confirming their performance and to incorporating them into your needs. 

We build collaborations with our partners that enable us to work together dynamically to overcome hurdles to the commercialization of aptamer-based healthcare solutions.

This is How we do it:

Free consultation

We will assess the feasibility of your project and design a work plan specific for your needs.

Customize it

We design a selection strategy that is specific for your project.

We develop it

We execute a selection strategy, perform NGS analysis and identify candidate sequences.

Operational aptamers

We optimize aptamer performance by stabilizing binding structures and then incorporate these into your project concept.

To learn more about aptamers and how their use could help you expand your existing diagnostic and therapeutic platform portfolio please click the button link  below to contact us.