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can aptamers replace antibodies

Can aptamers replace antibodies ?“Neutralization of infections”

In our previous post on “can aptamers replace antibodies” we mentioned some of the limitations where antibodies are unable to detect small molecules.

Today we would be discussing the limitations of antibodies in Viral infections.

Despite years of research, certain pathogens, such as HIV, have proved to be extremely difficult to treat with antibody therapy. Some limitations of antibodies in therapeutics are that it is relatively expensive to manufacture, requires systemic administration and is only specific to a particular pathogen or serotype.

However, for diagnosis of viral infections aptamers are clearly the preferred choice over antibodies especially  where the need for consistent refrigeration may pose a problem.

For neutralization of infections, we have developed the capacity to select aptamers that will specifically interfere with the site of binding between the virus and its human cell receptor, either by targeting the virus receptor binding domain, or targeting the human cell receptor. 

A significant advantage of aptamers over antibodies with GNPs is that we can pack a lot more on per particle (average of 150 detection aptamers per 20 nm diameter GNP). This capacity allows us to create GNPs loaded with both detection aptamers and signal oligonucleotides, thus amplifying the signal per target binding event.

Our selection process focuses on those aptamers that have the capacity to neutralize infections. The use of such aptamers as prophylactics represents a new and exciting opportunity for improved health care globally. 

Despite all the advantages, aptamers have not replaced antibodies but have become a preferred alternative for antibodies. 

At NeoVentures we are the global leaders in the identification of aptamers against viruses. We have developed aptamers against HIV, HCV, HSV, rhinovirus, and SARS-CoV-2 for a broad range of applications from neutralization of infection to diagnosis.

In our next post we would also be discussing the cost of aptamers relative to that of antibodies.  

Stay tuned!

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