We can help you determine how aptamers can help expand your portfolio and
increase or maintain your market presence. NeoVentures is committed to the
success of our clients, we provide you with full intellectual property
ownership over the aptamers that we commercialize for you. Contact us now
for a free consultation to discuss your projects and start to explore how to
expand new revenue streams.


Have You Seen This

A key reason that NeoVentures has become the global leader in aptamer
development is because they were the first company globally to successfully
commercialize aptamers based diagnostic platforms with their mycotoxin
detection platform, and their system for the prediction of flour quality for
bakeries. NeoVentures knows how to move from aptamer discovery to
realization of commercial revenue.

We are growing more rapidly than ever with aptamer applications across all
aspects of health care. All leading healthcare companies globally are now
exploring aptamer applications as part of their portfolio

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