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Antibody Specificity

The clear winner of our poll on antibody specificity was that antibodies have evolved to ignore HAS/IgG. I struggle with this, as I think it is too simple. Really, the way that antibodies rearrange to detect foreign antigens is open; there are no barriers to… Read More »Antibody Specificity

The Aptamer Market

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The aptamer market has been growing steadily as there has been increasing awareness of the advantages of aptamers in diagnostic and therapeutic platforms. It has been reported that the global aptamer marker has been forecasted to at least double in value over the next 5… Read More »The Aptamer Market

Diagram of aptamer shape fluctuation

Aptamer Design

The shape of an aptamer is very important for its binding affinity to the target. This is because the shape allows it to ‘fit’ into a target, but also orients the nucleotides involved in binding in a way that optimizes binding interactions. For aptamers to… Read More »Aptamer Design

What is An Aptamer?

Finding a diagnostic reagent that is right for a point-of-care application can be tricky due to the long list of obstacles that need to be overcome. The reagent needs to be shelf-stable, give reproducibly sensitive and selective results, be easy to synthesize, and most importantly,… Read More »What is An Aptamer?