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Why is NeoVentures the Best Aptamer Company for Your Needs?

  • Aptamers

We thought that the World Cup was a timely icon for this blog series. This will be a blog series because there are so many reasons why we are the best aptamer company.

What are they?

  1. You own the aptamers, no royalties.
  2. Innovative NEOMER aptamer selection platform
    • Improved aptamer performance in matrices
    • Lower cost for multiple targets
  3. FRELEX selection platform for small molecules
  4. Focus on product concept applications
    • Electrochemical detection
    • Fluorescent switch
    • qPCR
  5. Meta-analysis of selected structures
    • Rational, intelligent identification of candidate sequences for all aptamer solutions to every problem.

NeoVentures has always been the thought leader in aptamer development. We have doubled down on this in the last year developing the NEOMER selection platform and the meta-analysis of aptamer structures. These breakthroughs overcome specific difficulties that have constrained the commercialization of aptamers previously. 

Follow this series to learn more about why you should choose NeoVentures for your aptamer discovery and application needs. 

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Credit photo by Rhett Lewis