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Why has NeoVentures succeeded as an Aptamer development company?

NeoVentures was formed as an aptamer development company in June of 2002, and founded on a very simple principle. Businesses that create real sustainable value for their clients succeed. This does not always seem to be case as we have all seen biotechnology companies that are much more about marketing than substance raise investment capital and grow rapidly. Now that NeoVentures has been in the business over twenty years, we have had lots of experience observing such companies, they invariably crash.

We have had to learn a lot about aptamers and about the realities of the healthcare business. Learning starts with understanding what are the real problems that you, our client face in trying to commercialize products. In all cases you are trying to build a better mousetrap. You want diagnostics that are faster, simpler and less expensive than what exists. You want more targeted drug delivery so that the side effects are minimized, you want to re-imagine how cells work so that they respond and overcome disease more effectively, and you need higher throughput analysis in drug development to identify new candidates faster at less expense. Simple, right?

Based on this, we have learned that traditional aptamer development approaches were not adequate. You need aptamers that do not bind to abundant proteins in biological matrices. We have tried, but this was not possible with SELEX. That is why we invented our Neomer approach, utilizing the same 4.29 billion sequences in every selection. There was a need to develop specificity beyond what could be measured with binding assays. The Neomer approach enables this by allowing us to screen the 10,000 best aptamers for your target for their response in selection against albumin, IgGs and mucin. We could not have created this platform back in 2002. We needed to build on improvements in next generation sequencing capacity, computing power, and machine learning. Our current success and more importantly our future success depends on our computing capacity and our bioinformatics team.

With better aptamers comes better applications. The Neomer platform has enabled us to build a high throughput screening system to support fluorescent switch aptamers in application to biomanufacturing and drug development. Waiting nine to twelve months for antibody development is not satisfactory, we need to develop cut and paste aptamer based applications in three months. We have learned how to select aptamers for drug delivery that will induce endocytosis, and aptamers to block virus infection by not inducing endocytosis.

We could not imagine the future applications that you are developing now for improvements in healthcare when we started NeoVentures. The progress that we have made together is humbling, and the future prospects of what we can help you achieve are exhilarating. At NeoVentures we are leaning into the future with the use of ChatGPT, advances in electrochemistry, CRISPR, and the need for more personalized healthcare. We lean into the future together with partners with whom we have developed successful relationships, and we look forward to meeting new people with new ideas and opportunities. We look forward to the next twenty years of aptamers actually making a significant impact on health and wellness throughout the world.

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