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Successful Pre-clinical Trial of Aptamer-based Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease

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We are pleased to announce that our European subsidiary company, NeoNeuro has recently succeeded with a pre-clinical trial of their blood test for brain amyloid with the collaboration of the Centro Hospitalar de Entre o Douro e Vouga, in Santa Maria da Fiera, Portugal. This pre-clinical trial was financed by Roche Diagnostics. The blood test involves the application of eight different aptamers (Aptamarkers) to a plasma sample, the amount of each Aptamarker bound to its corresponding target is quantified by qPCR analysis. The qPCR data along with the age of the patients is analyzed with ExtraTrees model developed by machine learning at NeoNeuro. The test was developed with the financial support of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, with 391 samples from the AIBL cohort in Australia. The pre-clinical trial resulted in the same 75% overall accuracy for the prediction of brain amyloid that the initial study reported.


NeoNeuro intends to continue to move this test towards regulatory approval in Europe (CE Mark) over the next year. This test represents another aptamer-based platform that is nearing diagnostic regulatory approval. The results validate several key aspects of the NeoNeuro Aptamarker platform:

  • The use of the same 4.29 billion sequences for the screening of blood samples from individuals that vary for a phenotype.
  • The validity of a qPCR test for aptamer binding quantification.
  • The robustness of an aptamer-based test in a biological matrix.

The NeoNeuro Aptamarker test boasts a noteworthy Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of 81% in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, emphasizing its significance as a valuable tool for accurate detection.

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