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Custom Aptamers

Fabergé made the egg above on commission for Dr. Emanuel Nobel, nephew of Alfred Nobel. The surprise inside is a diamond encrusted platinum and rock crystal watch. The enduring value of Fabergé eggs is due to their beauty and the painstaking craftmanship of their production. 

At NeoVentures we do not claim that the aptamers that we produce are as valuable as Fabergé eggs, but we remain committed to handcrafting them. Other fee-for-service aptamer companies rely on automated aptamer selection processes to reduce labour costs. We have found it necessary to adjust selection stringency in each selection round to optimize enrichment for both affinity and specificity. This means that we evaluate the proportion of library recovered from a selection round and decide on the number and type of positive selections to perform in the subsequent round dynamically. We do not expect this proportion to reach a plateau, as we are constantly increasing stringency, especially for specificity. 

Aptamer selection is somewhat like the Olympics, in that in the pressure on the sequences to compete increases as the competition improves. NeoVentures use of manual selection processes is key to our commitment to produce commercial aptamers in diagnostics and therapeutics. We often say we are not producing batches of cookies, we are producing something novel with every aptamer selection. 

We appreciate the beauty of a Fabergé egg, for NeoVentures aptamers we also see beauty in the shape and structure of the aptamer, but the real beauty lies in the application of the aptamer to enable an improvement in health care. 

Please contact us to discuss your vision of beauty.