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Aptamers That Bind to a Transmembrane Receptor

NeoVentures is pleased to announce that a long term project with a Fortune 500 company regarding the development of an aptamer that binds to a transmembrane receptor is currently under review by the FDA. This multi-year project was contracted to NeoVentures because of our expertise with the selection of aptamers that either induce endocytosis by binding to transmembrane receptors on specific target cells, or do not induce endocytosis and thus have the capacity to block cellular entry of infectious moieties. NeoVentures also provided extensive transcriptomics analysis of the effect of the aptamer on gene expression in targeted cells, and provided support in the development of the FDA submission.

This announcement concerns only one of several projects that NeoVentures has successfully delivered in this area. We are currently working with our partners to move other aptamers that we have developed for transmembrane receptors to commercial realization as vectors for drug delivery or inhibitors of infection.

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