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aptamers for viruses

Aptamers for virus infection , prevention and diagnosis

At NeoVentures we are the global leaders in the identification of aptamers against viruses. We have developed aptamers against HIV, HCV, HSV, rhinovirus, and SARS-CoV-2 for a broad range of applications from neutralization of infection to diagnosis.

Aptamers for virus infection, prevention, and diagnosis

Why aptamers for these applications?

For neutralization of infection, we have developed the capacity to select aptamers that will specifically interfere with the site of binding between the virus and it’s human cell receptor, either by targeting the virus receptor binding domain, or targeting the human cell receptor. Our selection process focuses on those aptamers that have the capacity to neutralize infection. The use of such aptamers as prophylactics represents a new and exciting opportunity for improved health care globally. 

For diagnosis of viral infection aptamers are clearly the preferred choice over antibodies in the developing world where the need for consistent refrigeration may pose a problem. We have been able to achieve the necessary levels of sensitivity with aptamers in rapid flow-through tests with a proprietary (patent filed) application involving hybrid gold nanoparticles (GNPs).

 A significant advantage of aptamers over antibodies with GNPs is that we can pack a lot more on per particle (average of 150 detection aptamers per 20 nm diameter GNP). This capacity allows us to create GNPs loaded with both detection aptamers and signal oligonucleotides, thus amplifying the signal per target binding event.

NeoVentures is currently developing their own virus detection platforms and will be looking for partners interested in manufacturing and distribution..