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NeoVentures is thrilled to introduce Neomers, our novel method of aptamer selection. Explore what makes Neomers unique now, or get in touch with our team directly to find out how it can benefit your unique application.

A Reinvention of Aptamer Selection

With the Neomer platform, we have now refined the art of aptamer selection into an exact science. Each selection begins with the same predefined library of 4.29 billion sequences. This means we can now avoid binding to self-targets without the need for counter-selection, and reproduce every selection.

Immune Tolerance

Unlike with SELEX, the Neomer platform mimics natural immune tolerance, allowing us to eliminate self-binding. Learn more about what this means, how it works and why it matters for your next project.

Effective Selection for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications

Commercial applications of aptamers has been constrained by a flaw in SELEX, leading to less specificity than is present in antibodies. The Neomer platform overcomes this flaw and enables aptamers to compete with antibodies for target specificity. This opens a new dawn for aptamers in commercial applications in diagnostics, therapeutics and drug discovery applications.

Licensing Opportunities

We have decided to make the Neomer library available for licensing to labs that have the capacity for selection in-house. This route offers substantial savings over our traditional custom aptamer design. Find out more about licensing.

Leave Behind the Limitations of SELEX

Since its inception, SELEX has presented 4 key limitations for the development of commercial aptamers. Find out what they are, and how Neomers removes these barriers now.

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Watch Dr. Gregory Penner's Presentation

A Reproducible Aptamer Selection Method

This conference took place on April 4th at Aptamers 2022.

Dr. Gregory Penner introduced our game-changing new method of aptamer selection. Hear what he has to say about it by watching the full presentation.

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