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Custom Commercial Aptamers

We work with you to develop aptamers to enhance your research and lead to new opportunities.

NeoVentures is the global authority on aptamer development and applications. For over 18 years we have worked to revolutionize the commercialization of aptamers. Get in contact with our team and find out how our expertise can benefit you.

NeoVentures is the global leader in aptamer development. Join us as we revolutionize the commercial aptamer market.

Unlock new market opportunities with our cutting edge custom aptamer development. Discover the opportunities now.

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Five things to know about how we develop aptamers.

Announcement - In-House Capacity to Produce Recombinant Proteins

We help you develop aptamers that will lead to new market opportunities for which you have full commercial rights.

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Five things to know about how we develop aptamers.

Announcement - In-House Capacity to Produce Recombinant Proteins

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Antibody Specificity

The clear winner of our poll on antibody specificity was that antibodies have evolved to ignore HAS/IgG. I struggle with this, as I think it is too simple. Really, the…

The Aptamer Market

The aptamer market has been growing steadily as there has been increasing awareness of the advantages of aptamers in diagnostic and therapeutic platforms. It has been reported that the global…

Aptamer Design

The shape of an aptamer is very important for its binding affinity to the target. This is because the shape allows it to ‘fit’ into a target, but also orients…

Big Win For NeoNeuro

Partnering with NeoVentures

NeoVentures does not sell a pre-set aptamer development package. Your journey with us starts with our understanding your needs for aptamer performance. We use this to develop a customized strategy for every aspect of product development from identifying the most useful aptamers, to confirming their performance and to incorporating them into commercial ready products. We build collaborations with our partners that enable us to work together dynamically to overcome hurdles to the creation of aptamer based products.

Get to Know the Game-Changing Method of Aptamer Selection

Neomers is the next revolution in aptamer development. Listen to Dr. Gregory describe the new method in the full length presentation delivered at the Aptamers 2022 conference.


Free Consultation

We will assess the feasiility of your project and design a workplan specific for your needs.

Customize It

We design a selection startegy that is specific for your project.

We Develop It

We execute a selection strategy, perform NGS analysis and identify candidate sequences.

Operational Aptamers

We optimize aptamer performance by stabilizing binding structures and then incorporate these into your product concept.