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NeoVentures Timeline

Protein Production

Added in-house recombinant protein production


Added capacity in transcriptomics analysis of the effect of aptamers on cell lines


Creation of system for meta-analysis of aptamer selection

Neomer Method

Invention of Neomer method of aptamer selection, a game-changing selection platform (patents filed on method and method of analysis)

COVID Aptamers

Development of a catalogue of COVID aptamers

Aptamer Applications

Development of aptamer applications with electrochemical techniques

Method Invention

The invention of method to select aptamers that induce endocytosis for drug delivery

Fluorescence Switching

Development of aptamer efficacy with fluorescence switching in the presence of graphene oxide


Development of aptamer gold nanoparticle applications, lateral flow, flow through

Aptamer Selection

The invention of method to select aptamers that do not induce endocytosis on transmembrane receptors, prophylactic applications


Development of aptamer quantum dot applications


Development of Barcelona method, while flying to Barcelona, for multiple target selection

Aptamarker Platform

NeoNeuro invents and patents the aptamarker platform, an agnostic approach for the identification of aptamers that bind to diagnostically meaningful targets


The invention of BBB aptamers, pre-selected for capacity to penetrate the blood-brain barrier

Paris, France

Founded NeoNeuro in Paris for the development of aptamer applications for neurodegenerative disease treatment and diagnosis


Patented FRELAX, an aptamer selection method for small molecules in a free state

Software Development

Developed NGS software. The first company to provide NGS service for aptamer discovery

Aptamer Development

Launch of fee-for-service aptamer development services

Commercial Launch

Follow up with the commercial launch of Rising Number test, an aptamer-based test for dough quality


First commercialization of an aptamer based diagnostic, the MycoSense series of products


First successful Aptamers for small molecules Ochratoxin A & Aflatoxin B1 were developed

NeoVenture Biotechnology Inc.

Incorporates in Canada