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Validation of Random Library for Aptamer Selection

By Gregory Penner (NeoVentures Biotechnology) and Natasha Paul, PhD (TriLink Biotechnologies, LLC)

One of the key assumptions of aptamer selection is that the composition of the starting random library is in fact random. Any bias from randomness can cause misrepresentation of sequence space, which can in turn limit the search for aptamers that bind the desired target with high specificity. NeoVentures and TriLink came together to confirm the randomness of the TriLink library manufacturing process.

Commercialization of an aptamer-based diagnostic test.

Finally, after years of promise, an aptamer-based test has been developed for commercial practice. BY GREGORY PENNER

Years have passed, and while many aptamers have been discovered and reported in academic journals, the aptamer-based diagnostic revolution has not materialized.

TIDES. Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics from research through Commercialization - 2014

Today’s podcast features Gregory Penner, President and CEO of NeoVentures Biotechnology. Penner discussed the ELISA format, applying aptamers to diagnostics and generation sequencing