Neo Ventures is pleased to announce their second  webinar in a series. The Second Webinar is Entitled: 

Aptamarkers, the future for the diagnosis of complex diseases

The most pressing need for improvement in health care globally is more effective diagnosis of complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, NASH, auto-immune disorders, spectrum of type II diabetes effects, gastro-intestinal diseases, and cancer.

Omics technologies such as proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, and genomics have largely failed in terms of effective identification of biomarkers due to the abundance problem. Certain molecules are present at concentrations many times higher than more informative molecules.


At our French company, NeoNeuro, we have developed a solution to this problem. We use aptamers to agnostically identify biomarkers for any disease, and we use the same aptamers as diagnostic probes for these biomarkers. Aptamarkers is in essence machine learning with aptamers and blood in the lab. We are digitizing the information in serum to DNA code and reading it with NGS analysis.


In this presentation we will provide an overview of the approach, data on its application to the diagnosis of a key risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, and a vision for how this platform can be applied to other diseases. We will also explain how partners can interact with us to access this patented technology.

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