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Innovating the Landscape of Aptamer Intellectual Property: A Look Inside NeoVentures and NeoNeuro

Aptamers, versatile nucleic acid molecules with tremendous potential for targeted therapies and diagnostics, have gained significant attention in recent years. We are among the key players in this exciting field, known for our leadership in aptamer patenting. With employees named on 85 published patent applications based on 19 individual priority documents, we are at the forefront of aptamer innovation. We work with our clients to understand and overcome evolving constraints in aptamer intellectual property. In this blog, we delve into the groundbreaking work of We, exploring their unique approach to aptamer intellectual property and the evolving landscape of patent protection.

Aptamer Intellectual Property Challenges: Aptamers hold the promise of revolutionizing medicine, but the evolving landscape of aptamer intellectual property presents both opportunities and challenges. We recognize that to harness the full potential of aptamers, it’s crucial to navigate the intricate world of patents. While we are not patent attorneys, we do collaborate with one of the best firms in the world for aptamer patenting, ICOSA, based in Paris, France (

Broadening Coverage: We are pioneers in broadening the scope of aptamer patents. Rather than focusing solely on specific sequences, we are also including structural elements in our claims. This strategic approach stems from meticulous meta-analysis of structures within selected aptamer libraries. The recognition that an aptamer’s capacity to bind to a target is closely tied to its structure has paved the way for innovative claims.

Structural Elements as Common Denominators: The concept driving this approach is fascinating. Aptamers with diverse sequences but sharing common structural elements exhibit similar properties. This insight has led us to extend claims on the invention of groups of aptamers fulfilling specific functions to include structural elements shared among these aptamers. This innovative approach not only provides a broader scope of protection but also highlights the significance of structural motifs in aptamer function.

Global Interpretations and Evolution: It’s important to note that the interpretation of aptamer intellectual property varies across different geographical regions. As an evolving field, the approaches taken by different patent offices and courts can differ. Within the Neo world, the realization is clear: the value of your aptamer innovations is intricately tied to your ability to protect them with robust intellectual property claims.

Innovation Beyond Science: We not only push the boundaries of aptamer science but also apply innovation to the realm of intellectual property protection. This comprehensive approach ensures that breakthroughs in aptamer development are safeguarded, fostering a conducive environment for further advancements.

In the dynamic landscape of aptamer research, we shine as leaders in patenting, embracing the challenge of protecting groundbreaking innovations. Our collaboration with ICOSA, pioneering approach to structural elements in patents, and understanding of the global interpretations of intellectual property make us essential players in the journey to fully realize the potential of aptamers. As the field continues to evolve, we continue to ensure that these remarkable molecules shape the future of medicine.