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NeoVentures Announcement!!!

aptamers commercialization

NeoVentures has upgraded their next generation sequence (NGS) from Illumina HiSeq to NovaSeq. Why is this important to you?

Aptamers that will enable commercial applications in diagnostics and therapeutics have to be optimal in terms of sensitivity and specificity. The best aptamers in terms of sensitivity (binding affinity for the target) are often those with the highest copy number in NGS analysis. This does not necessarily mean that these are the best aptamers in terms of specificity (not binding to off-targets) however. With the NovaSeq platform we are observing at least a doubling of the number of sequences per aptamer library analyzed. This means that we can reliably dive much deeper into our selected libraries to identify aptamers with optimum affinity and specificity.

This level of power is another tool that NeoVentures is leveraging to help our clients develop commercial aptamers.