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How To Buy Aptamers

How To Buy Aptamers ?

NeoVentures does not have a catalog for aptamers nor sell a pre-set aptamer development package. Your journey with us starts with our understanding of your needs for aptamer performance. We use this to develop a customized strategy for every aspect of project development from identifying… Read More »How To Buy Aptamers ?

Can Aptamers replace antibodies

Aptamers Vs Antibodies

Can aptamers replace antibodies? Almost all existing diagnostic kits are based on the use of an antibody for the target compound. A $17B industry has been built on this basis.  However, antibodies have their limitations: Antibodies will not detect small molecules unless the small molecule… Read More »Aptamers Vs Antibodies

Advantages of aptamers

Aptamers Vs Antibodies

Advantages Of Aptamers Over Antibodies For diagnosis of viral infection aptamers are clearly the preferred choice over antibodies in the developing world where the need for consistent refrigeration may pose a problem. We have been able to achieve the necessary levels of sensitivity with aptamers… Read More »Aptamers Vs Antibodies

Verified R&D Provider

Proud to announce that we are now a verified provider on @Science Exchange, the platform for outsourced R&D. Visit our profile to request a quote right now. There are no additional contracts required if you request on Science Exchange and you can order immediately https://www.scienceexchange.com/labs/neoventures-biotechnology-inc… Read More »Verified R&D Provider