About Us

NeoVentures was founded in 2002 and has since become the world leader in aptamer development and applications. The company was cofounded by Ms. Ximena Vedoya and Dr. Gregory Penner based on their observation of the need to bridge the gap between aptamer discovery and commercial application. They have succeeded in improving aptamer performance and aptamer applications in diagnostics resulting in the development of reproducible pathways to commercial products.

Both, Ms. Vedoya and Dr. Penner have strong backgrounds in the development and commercialization of complex technologies globally. Gregory’s background in quantitative genetics, statistics and mathematics has provided the basis for their thought leadership over all phases of aptamer development and commercial application.

NeoVentures achievements:

  • First to commercialize aptamer based diagnostic platforms for Mycotoxin detection and prediction of baking performance of flour.
  • Development of proprietary method for identifying aptamers for small molecules in a free- free state. (FRELEX)
  •  Patent applications on aptamers for small molecules.
  • Development of aptamer/GO sensing solutions.
  • Development of high sensitivity lateral flow detection with hybrid GNP technology.
  • Creation of complete aptamer product commercialization framework.


The team at NeoVentures continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our clients. Our team applies expertise in protein and peptide chemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, binding assay analysis and mathematical modeling to every project we undertake. We have built an extensive global network of partners to assist with supply chain delivery of aptamer based products. We remain committed to continuing to lead the advancement of aptamer science as a basis for successful commercialization of aptamer based products.

Our ultimate vision is the replacement of antibodies with aptamers as the dominant basis for diagnostic devices and point of care (POC) analysis.