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Aptamers for Biomanufacturing of Drugs

NeoVentures is pleased to announce the successful completion of a project with a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company resulting in the development of aptamers as tools for high throughput biomanufacturing of drugs. The key advantage of aptamers in this type of application is the capacity to modulate the expression of a fluorophore on an aptamer with a quencher on a homologous antisense. This allows high throughput screening in a microtitre plate format at low cost. This also enables dynamic evaluation of target engagement over relevant time periods.

The use of aptamers as tools to develop and monitor biomanufacturing processes has been pioneered by NeoVentures, we have the expertise in-house to design and deliver products in this area for a broad range of processes. We are currently in discussion with other potential pharma partners on the application of this expertise to help them overcome existing problems.

To learn more about how we could help you turn biomanufacturing roadblocks into competitive opportunities please contact us for a confidential consultation.